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About the Innovation For All Podcast

Innovation For All features far-reaching conversations about hard problems and big ideas at the intersection of innovation and social impact. Want to know whether Artificial Intelligence is racist? What it feels like to be a conservative working in tech? How Artificial Reality can help the hard-of-hearing? Whether implicit bias training is effective? This is the podcast for you.

Dr. Sheana Ahlqvist applies a background in social psychology and entrepreneurship to stir up entirely new conversations on how the two interact.

The Audience

The audience is educated, curious people who are open to considering new points of view. They watch TED talks for fun and support social justice causes. They are interested in business, entrepreneurship, or technology, but may not be experts themselves. They are interested in how innovation impacts people, either through the social systems it creates, who is helped by a big idea, or who gets left behind.

The Host

Host and Producer, Sheana Ahlqvist

Sheana Ahlqvist has PhD in Quantitative Social Psychology with a focus on diversity: how being a member of a traditionally marginalized groups impacts educational and career outcomes. Sheana currently works as a user researcher in the technology space. She launched Innovation For All to highlight the intersection of social issues and business / technology.

Our mission

Sheana created Innovation For All to help technologists and entrepreneurs make more inclusive products and businesses that better serve traditionally overlooked groups.

Selected Episodes

  • David Robinson (Managing Director, Upturn) on how design and regulation of digital technologies can promote or inhibit equity. (Top clip: 34:57 – 37:13).
  • Sally Hubbard (Head of Tech Monopolization, The Capital Forum) on whether Google and Facebook should be considered monopolies and the social impact of their current dominance. (Top clip: 9:45 – 13:25).
  • Josh Lovejoy (Principal Design Manager, Ethics & Society at Microsoft) on how we can identify when technology is being misused (coming in Season 2).

How to Listen

Episodes are released on Wednesday mornings, three times each month.

Innovation For All is available on all major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Sticher, and CastBox. Listen on the web via Anchor. The RSS feed is

Shownotes and links to each episode are available at

Listener Testimonials

“This podcast brings intersectionalism to the field of innovation. In a world where technology seems to be growing faster than we can keep up with, Innovation For All addresses some of the more intricate, niche questions that are one step ahead of the rest of the tech world.”

Apple Podcasts listener Ray Shea

“I’ve gotten so into this podcast that I get excited whenever I see a new episode in my feed. Sheana is a smart, thoughtful, and engaging host. Her guests are people who are working hard to make our world work for everyone; not just the privileged or majority.”

iTunes listener Cooncow

“This topic is sooooo important right now: Sheana does a wonderful job at challenging widely held beliefs in tech and sharing different points of view. Each episode is interesting in a different way, and there is always something new to learn.”

Stitcher listener Aurora

“One of my favorite podcasts, with a great host! it provides great discussions and formulates thoughts on subject matters most of us can’t quite put our fingers on but always wonder or are curious about…. I learned something every time and find the conversations inspirational!”

iTunes listener Phil.Harm

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