Facebook can do more for working parents.

Are the tech giants doing enough for working parents?

In this episode of the Innovation For All podcast, Eliza Khuner questions whether a 9-to-5 full time work schedule is limiting companies and employees, especially working parents. Eliza is a data scientist who worked at Facebook until she had her third child. She turned her concerns into a company-wide movement for more flexible work options, growing from private talks with HR to a public discussion with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to a viral WIRED article.


  • Do company standard policies really support working parents?
  • What happened when Eliza confronted Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives with the demand for more flexible options for working parents?
  • Why should companies allow working parents part-time or work from home options?
  • Will this create a loss of culture in the workplace?
  • Are huge talents overlooked because most companies require full-time work?
  • Does creating more flexible solutions create ways to pay people less?

Sheana and Eliza also talk about the loss of workplace culture when there are flexible work options, the need for wellness rooms for breastfeeding mothers, and the support that should be given by companies to working parents. Eliza continues to speak about this so that companies are made aware of the problem and working parents can have the choice to live their lives while staying valuable to their company.


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