Open access for academic research with Erica Stone

“The sooner academics start to advocate for themselves, the sooner we can cut out these for-profit publishers.” – Erica Stone

Erica Stone works at the intersection of writing, teaching, and community organizing. Through collaborative projects, she creates opportunities for scholars, students, and community members to engage in conversations and civic problem-solving with the hope of building a more equitable and participatory democracy. As a researcher, Erica is passionate about making academic scholarship free and accessible. In her 2016 TED talk, she critiques the academic publishing industry, urging academics to engage with popular media and include communities in their research. Erica is a doctoral candidate in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program at Texas Tech University. Her research centers on public engagement in composition classrooms and academics’ role in their surrounding communities.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The reality of who has access to academic research
  • Erica’s experience during her TEDx audition process
  • What engaging in academia means beyond teaching
  • What the publication process looks like from start to finish for academic research
  • The cost of academic subscriptions
  • The concerns Erica has about popular culture publications translating academic research
  • How different TED chapters and franchises operate
  • How academics are trained to make things complicated and how that impacts public understanding
  • The historical reasoning for tenure and complications of tenure today
  • How to include open access publications to count toward tenure
  • Resources for democratizing and translating research
  • How for-profit companies are hopping on the idea of open access research

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