Black Hair is Big (Business) feat. Delali Kpodzo

In this episode of the Innovation For All podcast, we’re joined by Delali Kpodzo, the Co-Founder of We Are Onyx, a popular beauty destination for Black women and women of color. We dive into her entrepreneurial journey, why women of color need specific personal care solutions, and the state of the current beauty market. Discover how a hair salon mishap led Delali to start We Are Onyx, which has reached more than $2 million in sales. Delali thinks that’s just the beginning in a vastly untapped market. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN:
  • When does it make sense to choose a subscription box model over the e-commerce model?
  • What are the specific beauty concerns that Black women have that are being overlooked by the mainstream beauty market?
  • What inspired and motivated Delali to start We Are Onyx?
  • Black women spend three times more than every other demographic on beauty products.
  • “Discontinuation [of products for women of color] is unacceptable.”
  • “It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about how to achieve your goal, as long as you’re willing to learn as you go.”

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