Voting with your wallet, entrepreneur-style

Voting with your wallet, entrepreneur-style With Stella McShera


On this episode of the Innovation For All podcast, we chat with Stella McShera, the CEO and Founder of equallet (equality + wallet), a local search-platform to help you connect with Women-Owned Business in Southern California. Discover how equallet supports the growth of every female founder, consumer, or investor, and helps bridge the gender gap in business. The platform promises collaboration and more opportunities for its growing community. We also dive in deep the issue of gender pay gap… Are workplaces changing for the better? Has the political system shift had an effect on it?

Stella also shares her experience growing up as a mixed-race American. She recalls stories of how the experience of race varied based on where she lived or traveled.


  • How does equallet help achieve gender equality?
  • Is it OK to seek out women-owned business at the expense of male-owned ones? Equality vs. Equity
  • What was it like for Stella during the time Trump was declared the winner of the presidency?
  • How can women in business be competitive when they’re receiving less initial investment?
  • Women-Owned Business tend to hire more diverse teams
  • “We won’t achieve financial gender equality until 2025.” – Stella McShera
  • How Stella struggled with the idea of being a “woman scientist” instead of just a scientist


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  • Fulbright
  • Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC)
  • Monopoly
  • United Nations
  • Crazy Rich Asians

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