Placing the Displaced: Running a Refugee Staffing Company with Amplio Recruiting

“The burden of proof was to say that there are refugee entrepreneurs out there who are doing some incredible things and are legitimately investable businesses.” – Founder of Amplio Recruiting

Amplio Recruiting is a company that helps companies hire people from the refugee community. How do they refute and calm the fears potential employers? How does they ensure that vulnerable people aren’t being taken advantage of? And what has made the business so successful? Find out with Sheana in this episode of Innovation for All Podcast. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How their founder started Amplio Recruiting and why?
  • What were some of the challenges in starting the business?
  • How are companies vetted to ensure that the refugees are protected?
  • Which assumptions about the refugee community are misguided?
  • What are the challenges with finding opportunities for women refugees in particular?
  • What is Amplio Ventures?
  • What are some of the success stories?
  • How has this work influenced his personal views?