Teenage Sexting Behaviors with Jeff Temple

“Claiming that teenagers who engaging in sexting are risky kids is just not accurate. Kids who sext cut across all cross sections–ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, and risk status.” – Dr. Jeff Temple, Psychologist and Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch


In this episode of Innovation for All, Jeff Temple, professor and licensed psychologist at the University of Texas Medical Branch will discuss his research that studies teenage sexting behaviors. Jeff explains the gender breakdown of teenage sexting, the factors that may lead to psychological consequences, and how it may be a safe way for LGBTQ youth to explore sexuality.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How psychologists define what sexting is
  • What sexting looks like in adults
  • How sexting should be looked at in the context of universal prevention programs rather than as a bad behavior
  • What Jeff’s longitudinal studies of teenage sexting involve
  • The challenges of studying sexting in teenagers
  • The breakdown of sexting in girls compared to boys
  • What factors related to sexting could lead to psychological health consequences
  • Why consensual sexting does not lead to psychological health issues
  • How media headlines misrepresent today’s teenagers as “sex-crazed”
  • If sexting can be used as a safe way explore sexuality
  • If there are legal risks in having nude photos on your phone
  • What makes people want to sext
  • How sexuality plays into the research of teenage sexting
  • Opportunity to talk to your teenager in an ongoing conversation
  • How in the future psychology may be integrated into primary care
  • Why college athletes should be paid

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Alex Wolf – Millennials, Media, and Social Interactions

“When we were first introduced to the internet, it was branded as a place to go. And it is no longer a place. It is just with us everywhere. And so it is time to start building technology that can work within that field.”
– Alex Wolf, Founder and former CEO of BossBabe Inc.

A self-made entrepreneurship coach, Alex Wolf is the founder and former CEO of BossBabe INC., an online community that helps millennial women start their own businesses. Members receive a host of advice from the successful social media coach. She is also the author of the book Resonate, a book for entrepreneurs who want authenticity with their audience: for those who want to really connect. 

In this episode of Innovation for All Podcast, Sheana speaks with Alex on how social media is changing human interactions, how companies contribute to the problem, and what needs to change. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Alex’s background in technology
  • How technology changes interactions among millennials
  • Why texting has become so prolific and what else is changing our interactions
  • Should social media platforms go away from the advertisement business model and why
  • Do consumers need to change the relationship with social media platforms
  • Why millennials feel misaligned with their age

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What’s in those terms of service we agree to? Featuring Nate Beard

“What are the rules around the development and implementation of these technologies? And what does that mean for the future of technological development?”
— Nate Beard, PhD candidate at UMD, College Park

What’s really in online terms of service that we agree to? Nate Beard joins Sheana to talk about where these terms of service come from and what’s in them. Find out what rights we may be sacrificing while using social media platforms in this episode of the Innovation For All Podcast.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What’s in Terms of Service and do we really understand them?
  • Problems that come with terms of service on social media
  • Ethics of Terms of Service
  • How restrictive are terms of service?
  • What rights are affected by TOS?
  • Speech on social media platforms
  • Privacy,  ownership, and due process on social media platforms
  • Ways forward with Terms of Service

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